My dad is dead. I knew my father for most of my life. I won’t say that he was a great father. I won’t say that he was a bad one. He was there at various times that I needed him and he wasn’t there at other times.

As I get older, I guess we kind of just drifted apart. We never really talked about anything special. Nothing, as they say, that would make great epic theater. Just average talk like “How’s the weather? Knees been bothering me lately, etc.” Mainly chit-chat to pass the time away.

In the end, I guess that I never really knew him. Never took the time to do it or had the desire. Guess that was the same way that he felt about me. Never took the time or had the desire. Now that he’s gone, it’s time for me to move on. Never understood why I stayed but no reason to stay now. Maybe one day, I’ll figure out what was here for me. Not today. No time for that.

Now… what do I do?