I used to only believe what I saw.  I didn't believe what people told me unless I saw it for myself.  I am smarter than they are and there is no way that I could be fooled.  He wasn't like all of the other demons.  He didn't come in the night.  He didn't come to take me away.  He was just scared.  He couldn't help the way that he looked or that children ran away from he.  In many ways, he was sad.  

How did I come upon him?  Simple.  I was cooking dinner over the fire and there he was.  I've heard the horrible tales about what he did.  When he appeared in my campfire, I was more curious than scared.  After a while, I got the sense that he was more scared of me but he seemed to be hungry.  For me?  I hoped not!  However, after I gave him a bit of my soup, his demeanor changed.  It was softer.  Over time, he still comes to me but now I do believe in the beasts that are just outside of my conscious.  Maybe I'm not that much smarter than the other villagers.