His name was Jaakra. I think that he is alive but I just don’t know any more. Nobody in town seems to remember when he got here. We just know that he’s been here before us. The people who run the town talk about how great their great ancestors were and how they defeated him when he came to pillage the town. How they are making him pay for his crimes and he is now theirs and will do what they want him to. I don’t know. 

If he’s a living creature, it’s not right for us to keep him like that. However, if the stories are true and he did what they said he did, then he deserves to be punished. Or the people who run the town may be lying and he’s really a statue. Something to scare us to keep us in line.

There’s so many things that I don’t know any more. It’s hard to tell what is the truth and what are convenient lies to establish control.